Sunday, May 18, 2008

So much camping desire, so little towing ability

I LOVE to camp. First tent camping, then pop-ups, and now a travel trailer. I love all of it. The break from routine, the joy of travel, even a few miles! I love messing about with dutch ovens and fire. We just bought a beautiful Jayco Eagle trailer and it is PERFECT for the two of us. Now, that's assuming that the boys set up "the man cave" in the humongous tent. I am even perfectly willing to go by myself, or just with the boys, except for one tiny detail....I CANNOT tow a trailer! Arghhh!! The whole" back up this way to go that way" makes my head hurt. Sigh. SO I am at the mercy of the One who is capable of driving and towing anything on Earth. It's probably for the best. If I could tow it, I might never come home!