Saturday, February 12, 2011

Livinf in a 100 year old farmhouse, Part 1

Our old farmhouse started over 100 years ago as a cube. Two rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs. The first add on was a kitchen, built overtop of the old root cellar. The old outside south door became a window. Then a bathroom was added along with a large cement front porch and a small back porch. Next the back porch was enclosed into a mud room. Lastly, the front porch became a living room and a small bedroom, and a small cement front porch was added. It has brick columns and screen windows and door.
A remodel in the 70's divided the kitchen into two tiny rooms, a kitchen and a breakfast room with corner cabinets. The cabinets were shallow and built down for the comfort of a family of 4, the tallest of whom were 5'6".

Our massive family moved in! Seven children, two parents. My husband was 6'5", our sons were 6'6", 6'2", and 6'1". Two of the girls were 6' and 6'1"!! The breakfast nook was ridiculous, the guys looked THROUGH the mesh cabinets. Nothing was big enough to contain our pots and pans, no more than two of us could be in the kitchen at a time. One night I came home from work to a large empty room where my kitchen/nook had been! The guys had ripped everything out in a few hours. What's a mom to do?
I ordered pizza.